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 It is safe my transactions through the internet?

H VeroByAslanis undertakes to ensure the security and integrity of data collected about users of its website. It has adopted procedures that protect the personal data that users provide the website or provide any other means (eg. Telephone). These procedures protect the user's data from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, and alteration or destruction. They also help to certify that the information is accurate and used properly. Your connection to this is safe because it uses technology RapidSSL CA.

How do I know my size?
Through the list of the sizes  from home to measure (chest, waist, hips) and just find your size. 

How can i make a replacement?
You must make a new order, the corect sizes that you want or anything else. But first you must change the delivery country and put GREECE and make the order with bank transfer . (if you don't change the delivery country to GREECE you can't make the order with bank transfer )We want that, because we dont want to charge you nothing .Then you have to return us back the items that you want to change and when we recieve the items , we will send you back the new order that you make .The delivery costs to sent back the items are yours .The address is  9 AHELOOU str.  Thessaloniki (fix area) 54628 post code , 00302310536503.

Who is the account of eurobank bank?
 Bank account Eurobank: 0026.0042.51.0200810422      Ιban  Eurobank: GR4702600420000510200810422   SWIFT BIC: ERBKGRAA 

How much are the shipping costs?
Cyprus and EU Countries.  On traditions regarding purchases over 100 € transport costs are free. For orders less than 100 € costs for travel expenses is as follows 1.For simple mission with Greek Mail (6-7 days): 8 €   2.For rapid shipment with TNT (1-2 days): 20 €   Countries outside the EU    On traditions regarding purchases over 300 € transport costs are free. For orders less than 300 € costs for travel expenses is as follows   1.For simple mission to Greek Post (7-14 days): 15 €    2.For rapid shipment with TNT (2-4 days): 35€    * Prices are including VAT 24% 

How we make an order?
First make an input on our site. (Top right is on our site.) Then whether or not you have an account on VeroByAslanis go to the proper field, fill in the fields and press send or enter.Then go to the categories you want from left to .Be careful site does not sell anything set. Under the general categories (swimsuits, underwear) are different categories briefs, bras, etc.Also  below the  photo , you get analysis .Then selecting products that interest you and the size you want, with the command 'Add to cart'. Then  check your basket if is correctly and then press the Checkout. Select the payment method and after checkout. Then check your email . You will see your order.